Malaga is a unique destination in Europe and a mix of modern, traditional, culture, beach, gastronomy and shopping. The city of Malaga is a destination that combines leisure tourism, business with an incredibly extensive cultural offering of worldwide recognition as well as amazing events.

More than 3,000 years of history have transpired since the Phoenicians founded Malaga and today it is a beautiful, friendly and cosmopolitan city that enchants tourists from all over the world. The Roman Theatre and the ancient “garum” pools will transport you to the times of Roman Hispania. Meanwhile, the “Alcazaba” is one of the most beautiful living examples of the period of Muslim domination. Visitors can further experience the Reconquista by the Catholic Monarchs by visiting the Sanctuary of Victory.

The appeal of the Andalusian region and its unique Southern city is easy to comprehend.  In addition to its history, its incredible cultural offering concentrated in the historic centre, Malaga has transformed into one of the international cities with the largest number of museums.  With three and a half million visitors a year, The Picasso Museum is one of the most visited museums in Spain. The Centre Pompidou Malaga is the first branch of this famous Parisian art institution outside of France.  The Collection of the Russian Museum from Saint Petersburg together with The Carmen Thyssen Museum and Picasso’s birthplace museum are notable galleries.

Whether visitors likes contemporary art or 19th century paintings, Spanish wine, Mediterranean cuisine, archaeology or even automobiles, the city of Malaga offers a long list of interesting museums, which satisfy every taste.

Furthermore, Malaga’s year-long sunshine, colourful bougainvilleas, appropriately named iced summer wine called “tinto de verano,” friendly and approachable citizens, and let us not forget, its delicious gastronomy with olives and cured ham at every corner make Malaga an undisputed reference for quality tourism.

Malaga has created a strong brand identity, recognized by tourism professionals and travellers all around the world.  It is currently one of the most popular destinations on social networks.

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