Baqueira-Beret and Val d’Aran, an irresistible combination. Baqueira Beret is a complete resort, divided in 3 areas: Beret, Baqueira, and Bonaigua with their respective characteristics, a network of modern installations and carefully maintained pistes, will satisfy all skiers.

Baqueira, the pioneer, inaugurated in 1964, has a wide range of runs suitable for all levels but it’s also the area with most black pistes. The experts will, thus, come across some greatly dis-levelled slopes, mostly on the north side, guaranteeing an excellent quality of the snow. Some famous ones are: Luis Arias, Eth Mur, Tubo Nere and the Escornacrables.

Beret is ideal for beginners and families. You’ll have easy access, by foot from the parking, to all amenities ( restaurants, cafeteria, school, etc..). Its pistes are very wide and of moderate inclination. Although, paradoxically, it is there that the permanent Stadium hosting competitions of high level is located. Snowboarders will also be able to enjoy a snowpark in this area of the resort.

Bonaigua is the area with more off piste steep runs and has two highly recommendable itineraries: Lo Boscas and Gerber. All amenities is on foot distance

by road. Baqueira, Beret and Bonaigua all dispose cafeterias, restaurants, bars, nurseries and ski schools. In Baqueira Beret the most important is skiing in all its aspects but that’s not all.

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